Fireball XL5 is the name of an indie-pop show hosted by Frank Seglenieks that for 18 years was on CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo. However, as a result of a format change in mid-2008, Fireball XL5 is now heard only as a podcast.

Of course I stole the name of the show from the 60s British Supermarionation program, which featured puppets kind of like the movie Team America.

I play alternative music that usually classified as indie-pop with the occasional feature on a particular artist or theme as well as discussions on pop culture topics of the day. I start off each show with the best song that I have heard since the last

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you.

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Date: February 5, 2010
Theme: Best of 2000s
On Air: Frank

Wow, has it been 10 years already, yes I remember doing my best of the 1990s radio show way back when. Who would have thought then that my next best of the decade recap would be on an internet only podcast distributed on something called the internet created on a magical box called a laptop.

I decided to be uninspired in the order of the show as all I did was play my top singles of the decade from 1 to 15 and then my top albums of the decade from 15 to 1. If you want to see the complete list of my top 50 singles and top 23 albums at the Fireball XL5 Facebook page. (which I think is accessible even if you aren't on Facebook)

See a graphical representation of my 20 of the decade here:

Fireball XL5 Setlist - February 5, 2010
TALK - Theme (Singles 1-5)
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (2006) (L)
Bran Van 3000 - Astounded (2001) (C) (1)
Peter, Bjorn, and John - Young Folks (2006) (L) (1)
Hard-Fi - Hard to Beat (2006)
Lykke Li - Little Bit (2007) (L)
TALK (Singles 6-10)
Black Kids - I'm not going to teach your boyfriend to dance (2007) (L) (1)
I'm From Barcelona - Treehouse (2007)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart (2005) (L)
Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know (2007)
Los Campesinos! - You!Me!Dancing! (2007) (L)
TALK (Singles 11-15)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (2003) (1)
The Drums - Let's Go Surfing (2009) (L) (1)
Tim Armstrong - Into action (2007)
My Teenage Stride - Ears Like Golden Bats (2007) (L)
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Everything With you (2008) (L)
TALK (Albums 15-11)
The Icicles - Crazy - Arrivals and Departures (2007) (L)
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday - S/T (2009) (L)
The Diskettes - ABCs of Love - S/T (2003) (C) (L)
My Teenage Stride - To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge - Ears Like Golden Bats (2007) (L)
Black Kids - Hurricane Jane - Partie Traumatic (2008) (L)
TALK (Albums 10-6)
The Pocketbooks - Every Good Time We Ever Had - Flightpaths (2009) (1)
Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone - Sing along with ... (2005)
Yo La Tengo - Our Way To Fall - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000) (L)
Belle and Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo - Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003) (L) (1)
Stars - Set Yourself On Fire (2004) (C) (L)
TALK (Albums (5-1)
Irene - Waterfront - Apple Bay (2006)
Jens Lekman - Your Arms Around Me - Night Falls Over Kortedala (2007) (L) (1)
Lykke Li - Tonight - Youth Novels (2008) (L) (1)
The Pipettes - You're Kisses Are Wasted On Me - We are the Pipettes (2006) (L)
Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog (live) - The Life Pursuit (2006) (L) (1)

(C) - Canadian Content
(L) - Song I have seen performed live
(1) - Songs or albums that were number 1 during their release year