Fireball XL5 is the name of an indie-pop show hosted by Frank Seglenieks that for 18 years was on CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo. However, as a result of a format change in mid-2008, Fireball XL5 is now heard only as a podcast.

Of course I stole the name of the show from the 60s British Supermarionation program, which featured puppets kind of like the movie Team America.

I play alternative music that usually classified as indie-pop with the occasional feature on a particular artist or theme as well as discussions on pop culture topics of the day. I start off each show with the best song that I have heard since the last

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you.

Friday, August 31, 2001

August 31, 2001

Date: August 31/2001
Theme: Mint Records 10th Anniversary
On Air: Frank and Michelle

Fireball XL5 Setlist Aug 31/2001

Chocolate Genius - Planet Rock
Malcolm Catto - Metropolis
The Crystal Method - Ready for Action
New Order - 60 Miles and Hour
Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers - Give Him Cornbread
TALK (Start of Mint Records Spotlight)
Tankhog - So What (001) (C) - See Note 1
New Town Animals (050) (C)
Maow - Sucker (019) (C)
Maow - Ms. Lefevre (019) (C)
Huevos Rencheros - Ace O'Spades (C)
Coal - Ace of Spades (C) - Birthday request/dedication for Steven F.
TALK (Neko Case Related Set)
New Pornographers - Letter from an Occupant (043) (C) -Request from Zach
Neko Case and Her Boyfriends - High on Cruel (027) (C)
The Corn Sisters - Fist City (042) (C)
Carolyn Mark - Edmonton (037) (C)
TALK (Cub related set)
Cub - Everything's Geometry (005) (C) - From the best selling album of all time on Mint - Come Out, Come Outa
Cub - Motel 6 (002) (C) - From the second best selling album of all time on Mint - Betti-Cola
I am Spoonbender - Replaced by Toys (C)
Pansy Division - I Really Wanted You
TALK (Last Mint Set)
The Evaporators - Brainwashed (018) (C)
The Smugglers - To Serve, Protect, and Entertain (016) (C)
Duotang - Toast to the Life-Long Friends (051) (C)
The Mr. T. Experience - Can I Do One Thing (017) (C)
Mike O'Niell - Are We Waiting (C)
Inbreds - North Windows (C)
Henry Mancini - Lujon
Groove Armada - Superstylin'

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

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