Fireball XL5 is the name of an indie-pop show hosted by Frank Seglenieks that for 18 years was on CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo. However, as a result of a format change in mid-2008, Fireball XL5 is now heard only as a podcast.

Of course I stole the name of the show from the 60s British Supermarionation program, which featured puppets kind of like the movie Team America.

I play alternative music that usually classified as indie-pop with the occasional feature on a particular artist or theme as well as discussions on pop culture topics of the day. I start off each show with the best song that I have heard since the last

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10, 2006

Theme: Nothing
On Air: Frank and Wayne

It was great to have Deep Space Wayne on the show last week, even though the theme to his set was "CDs from Wayne's car". As we had to play some music during the show, we weren't able to have all the conversations we wanted, but we did our best to keep up with the "more talk, less rock" credo of the station. He was also gracious enough to offer to share his "roll up the rim to win" cup with a caller which he opened live on air at the end of the show, unfortunately it didn't win. Of course if it did win we might have had a court case like those two little girls in Quebec.

Essex Green - This Isn't Farm Life
Belle and Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone
Papermoon - Better Days (C)
Mike Erb Band - Tracked Me Down (C)
Issac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
Mundo Livre - Meu Esquema
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Compassion
Astrid - Running Home (C)
Richard Underhill - 3 AM (C)
The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit
Young and Sexy - The Curious Organ (C)
Pink Mountaintops - Plastic Man, You're The Devil
The Robocops Kraus - After Laughter come Tears
White Stripes - My Doorbell
Elliot Brood - Only At Home (C)
Buttless Chaps - Migratory Birds (C)
Leeroy Stagger - Let Her Down (C)
Ben & Nathan - When Water Chokes (C)
Red Snapper - 3 Strikes You're Out
Beta Band - Liquid Bird
The Organ - Memorize The City (C)
New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (C)
The Fembots - So Long (C)
Powderfinger - These Days

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

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