Fireball XL5 is the name of an indie-pop show hosted by Frank Seglenieks that for 18 years was on CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo. However, as a result of a format change in mid-2008, Fireball XL5 is now heard only as a podcast.

Of course I stole the name of the show from the 60s British Supermarionation program, which featured puppets kind of like the movie Team America.

I play alternative music that usually classified as indie-pop with the occasional feature on a particular artist or theme as well as discussions on pop culture topics of the day. I start off each show with the best song that I have heard since the last

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

Theme: The New York City Popfest
On Air: Frank

This show highlighted my experience at the New York Popfest back in May, in fact the first two sets were from CDs that I bought at the festival. The next set was a combination of other bands that played the festival and songs that were covered during the shows.

Overall, it was a great time and of course being in New York City is always cool, especially walking around Harlem at 2 in the morning. The best conversation I overheard on the subway was one teenage girl telling her friend that she was bummed that she didn't have her iPod, the cops took it when she got busted and she hasn't had the time to get up to the Bronx and get it back, but she only has a month to do it.

I won't go into a detailed description of the festival here as you can see the daily summary of my impressions of the New York Popfest on the Wall the Fireball XL5 radio show facebook group:

Fireball XL5 Setlist - June 11, 2009
Smittens - 11:11
My Teenage Stide - Grim Wind
Cats On Fire - Steady Pace
Eux Autres - When I'm Up
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart
Burning Hearts - Iris
Pants Yell! - Tried To Be Good
A Faulty Chromosome - Bad Things
The Radio Dept. - Freddie And The Trojan Horse
The Drums - Me And The Moon
Very Truly Yours - Homesick
The Sixths - Falling Out Of Love (With You)
Matt Pond PA - In The Aeroplanes Over The Sea
The Go-Betweens - People Say
The Lucksmiths - Good Light
Spent - Excuse Me While I Drink Myself To Death
Surf City - Dickshakers Union
Pretend You're Happy - The Other Side Of The Earth
Matt & Kim - Daylight
Threatmatics - Big Man
The Interiors - My Little Pony
Ribbons - Plain
The Fizzbombs - Sign On The Line
Nouvelle Cuisine - Comunicacion no verbal

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